“Even though some may think automatic writing is good, it can be scary and dangerous…”

Psi Knowledge

“Some critics warn of dangers in automatic writing — they claim that the writer is vulnerable to harassment from evil-minded spirits.”

Karina Collins

“I have seen many a fine business and professional man lose his grip through too intense interest in automatic writing… Kids who are dabbling in this might think they’re only fooling around but this is no harmless parlor game. It is an occult art and it should be abandoned immediately.”

Women of Grace

“Automatic writing is extremely dangerous and it will give full legal rights in the spiritual realm for demons to be able to come directly after you if you try to engage in it…”

Bible Knowledge

“There are various theories as to what is happening during automatic writing. Some people believe that a spirit entity can somehow manipulate the writer’s arm and pencil. Other suggestions are that the person is writing messages which stem from the subconscious mind, or which are obtained through extra sensory perception. Another possibility is that the message is conveyed from a spirit to the writer who then documents what she/he is hearing or sensing and in this case the writer is fully aware of what he/she is writing.”

Paranormal Discovery

“I believe it is of Satanic origin.”

A B E L, Yahoo! Answers 


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