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for extreme transphobia, suicide

I’d never heard of Eilis O’Hanlon before this weekend, when she opportunistically pounced on the media shitstorm around the Swedish House Mafia gig to launch an attack on the Irish underclass.

“Swaggering brutes with raw fists and short fuses are not the victims of society — society is the victim of them”

“Drugs Don’t Stab People, Knackers Do”

Oh but it’s not racist to use an ethnic slur for Travellers cos urbandictionary said so. Urban Dictionary also says that my name is “usually given to a person of extreme sexiness(even if they are ridiculously pale)” but I guess that would be totally a legit thing to write in a national newspaper.

But it turns out that might not be the worst thing she’s written.

Maybe it’s this piece where she laments that the “fact” that most Palestinians “want to destroy Israel and drive all the Jews into the sea” is absent from Irish public discourse.

Or maybe this piece about how Gary Speed was “a selfish person who didn’t give enough thought to how his wife and two sons were supposed to pick up the pieces of a broken life whilst the world tiptoed respectfully around his memory” and there’s not enough good old-fashioned stigma surrounding suicide any more. “The loosening of sexual taboos around unmarried motherhood led to more teenage pregnancy. The loosening of ethical taboos around suicide leads to more suicide.”

It’s probably this piece though, which is all about how hilarious/disgusting/weird trans* people are.

EDIT: Although this piece attacking Dr. Lydia Foy, titled “A scalpel can’t rewrite history, whatever the surgery” might be a close second. “The brain isn’t the most objective judge of its surroundings, after all. The brain sometimes tricks its host into thinking he’s Napoleon; the chromosomes never make him think he’s the Duke of Wellington.”