Currently releasing music as Pink Circles (soundcloud | facebook)

As Kanellos:


November 24 2014 (Self-release/Sirona forthcoming?)

Ambient house/minimal techno. Mostly danceable. (download)


February 2014 (Sirona)

Ambient industrial/noise electro (download) (remasters/alt versions)


June 2013 (Sirona)

Noisy instrumental hip-hop. (download)

4-way Split

April 2013 (Sirona)

4-way split with Kamikaze Deadboy, Pollux and The Industrialism. (download)

Destroy Music

March 2013 (Sirona)

Ambient hip hop. (download)


February 28 2012 (Glitch City)

4 long ambient tracks. (download link)

Welcome To The Dancefloor Of The Real

January 24 2012 (Dramacore)

Synthesised breaks, lots of pretty atmospherics, heavily treated pianos, odd time signatures. (download link)

Is This Innovation Or A Mistake?

September 29 2011 (Glitch City)

A collection of ambient, glitch, and noise tracks. Most of it is recordings of live improvisations and a couple of the tracks date back to when I was like 17 or something. (download link)


Sirona Mixtape #8 3 September 2014 (Sirona)

Noise in Opposition 29 July 2013 (Noise In Opposition)

Infinite Drone (Vol. 1) June 2013 (Infinite Drone)

Gimme A Minute April 2013 (Sirona)

Glitch Village 6 December 25 2012 (Glitch City)

Fuck Your Speakers (Vol. 2) February 3 2012 (Trashfuck)


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