A blog documenting my ongoing efforts to be cool and interesting on the Internet.

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Content Warning Policy

I’ll be posting trigger warnings for any discussion however brief of rape or abuse, with some indication of how graphic/sustained it is and how triggering it’s likely to be.

I’ll also post content warnings for discussions of offensive or upsetting things that don’t fall into the above. This will be done on a pretty inconsistent and ad hoc basis, but if you find something that should come with a warning and doesn’t, let me know.

Comment Moderation

Comments currently don’t require pre-approval and will display immediately (unless they’re spam, in which case they drift into the Abyss). Hopefully I can keep it that way, but that requires that people aren’t dicks about it. If you are a dick, don’t comment.

I’ll be fairly tolerant about people who disagree with what I’m saying attacking it robustly. I won’t tolerate abuse of oppressed groups. I won’t tolerate abusive behaviour. I won’t tolerate victim blaming or rape apologetics in any form.


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