Queer Anarchism: Equality or Liberation

This is the audio of a talk I gave, along with Molly Walsh, at the 2013 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. More audios from the bookfair can be found here.

  1. Really liked your contribution here, Aidan! I’m curious as to why you didn’t include the AIDS crisis as a significant part of your analysis, though. It seemed as though you skipped from queers in the Stonewall bar wanting the cops to fuck off to the movement for marriage equality. Of course, the movment for marriage equality is, more or less, a movement lead by white, wealthy men and that explains why it has been very successful. However, the AIDS crisis totally changed the perspective of gay men towards sex. It’s no longer something gay men can engage in freely, it’s something risky — much more risky than free love prior to the AIDS crisis — and I would like to know your perspective on this crisis. The movement for marriage had been mainly promoted by conservative, sero-positive Andrew Sullivan before the mainstream gay rights movement adapted this position. I’d love to know what you think about the emergence of the distinction between queer liberation as being in opposition to the mainstream gay rights movement in the context of the AIDS crisis

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